Halal Institute Vision Mission


Vision  is a center for the study and development of Halal products and services in Asia(by 2026)



1. To provide platforms for Halal research collaborations among faculties dealing with Halal   production,services and business.
2. To promote the development of Halal knowledge and professional development of staff in the Halal field.
3. To propel the Halal certification units towards  new standard heights.
4. To assist entrepreneurs in the southernmost  provinces in improving their production systems and services in order to achieve Halal Certification.
5. To coordinate and cooperate with various   organizations on improving production and services in  order to meet Halal standards.
6. To strive towards making the southern provinces a hub of Halal industry.
7. To assure that Thailand’s Halal certification units provide a professional service and excellence in certifying that meet international standards and build trust in Halal market .


Scope of work

1. To encourage and support Halal research  networks among faculties in Prince of Songkla University and to develop and strengthen Halal sustainable research networks. 
2. To encourage and support research on Halal  production and services which help bring about new  Halal innovations and ensure that each production  level achieves  Halal standards.
3. To propel forward the establishment of Halal knowledge bank including a database on Halal rules and regulations necessary to the production development and to increase competitiveness.
4. To publicize events concerning Halal production and services in the forms of print media, radio, television, website and Halal food, product and service exhibitions.
5. To develop competent staff at all levels who are specialized in Halal production and services.
6. To provide, to entrepreneurs, consultant  services and technology transfer which help equip them with necessary skills to add value to their Halal     products and services.